Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Man in tutu changes molecular structure of a rabbit thru prayer

Interview from Dazed and Confused magazine:

Bono: Two of the most inspiring stories of the last 50 years to have come out of South Africa, one has been well recorded, that’s Nelson Mandela. But the second story is the Truth and Reconciliation campaign. Archbishop Tutu has created a model that you could apply to the Middle East, to Northern Island, to Bosnia. It’s the most extraordinary thing to see relatives of murdered protestors standing in front of the people who shot their wife and ask them questions like: ‘Do you remember a woman wearing a green dress, she was waving at the time when you shot her.’ And then with tears rolling down their face, both of them often, the victims and the perpetrators, and talking. Just to get to the truth, not to get to a result that puts people behind bars. I think that it is the most extraordinary jump in human consciousness that I’ve heard about in a very long time.

We visited the headquarters of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and we met with Desmond Tutu. So we all walked into the room, just completely honoured to meet him. We were exchanging pleasantries and then he just turned around and said, ‘Can we bow our heads now please?’ We all had to bow our heads and he made this prayer, which just changed the molecular structure of the room and everyone in it, and suddenly we weren’t tourists any more; suddenly he was reminding us of what was really going on here. I asked him a rather stupid question afterwards. I said, ‘Do you get time with all this work for prayer and meditation yourself?’ And he just looked at me, threw a scowl at me, a real rebuke. He just stopped in his tracks and said, ‘How do you think we would do this if we didn’t take time out for prayer?’ I was scolded by the great man!

And of course he’s all laughs normally.

Then afterwards he brought us upstairs and said, ‘Look, I have a few people who would like to meet the band,’ and we said okay, great. So we went upstairs. There were six hundred people sitting there. He brought us out and said, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I have for you, to sing a song, U2!’, and we had no instruments, nothing! We just looked at each other, just like rabbits in the headlights.

The only thing I could think of singing was ‘Amazing Grace’, which turns out was appropriate; it is a story of grace interrupting karma. If Nelson Mandela’s story is the most inspirational for their liberty, this is for our liberty

"His prayer changed the molecular structure of the room...."
That is not a throwaway expression..

Science, physics, Christian and non have evidenced how prayer apparently literally can do just that

Note/heads up, most of these websites are not specifically Christian, but that's part of the point..folks are bumping into the God-factor:
for example:



http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/aug1/gb_interview.html as retrieved on Aug 12, 2005 06:48:49 GMT.

and of course Larry Dorsey's works on prayer/healing

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