Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Worship is not music"

As recently as twenty five years ago, nobody would've have understood the phrase "worship" as meaning....obviously!..


But the whole world has changed. Now it is the norm for the word worship to equate to "the songs we sing before the sermon and the other stuff."

And everyone knows a "worship leader" is the music leader.
No one would have defined it that way for the last ..uh, several thousand years.

Que paso?
Whatup with that?
Who switched the price tags?

That is no small shift.

Don't hear what I'm not saying. I love to worship via music. But begin with Romans far bigger and broader.

Here are some worthy articles on this phenomenon:
"worship is not music"

Language matters.

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  1. I agree with this. I generally try to refer to ..."worship" as the music service or "worship music". There are so many other aspects of our life that we can use to worship the Father.


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