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Video and Write-Up: Reversing the Curse in Peru

Nevado de Huaytapallana/Glacier, Perú


A written and video report on the November 2005 Grace Covenant trip to Huancayo, Peru
By Dave Wainscott, ThirdDayFresno

From Grace Covenant Newsletter

Pastor Pedro was apparently pleased to be asked by the city government of Huancayo, Peru,
to bless the city’s water supply. As a regional representative of his Costa Rica-based, non-denominational but well-connected network of churches; and a local radio minister, this was an opportunity that came within the scope of his vocation. So he ventured up to the top of the Andes to the lake which is

Nevado de Huaytapallana/Glacier, 

Huancayo’s water source, and invoked a blessing . Surely, the city leaders thought, that can only help the city’s long-troubled water problems: many citizens contract typhoid and other diseases triggered by the sometimes inexplicably contaminated water.

So why did the health of the water supply take a turn for the worse after
Pedro ’s blessing? I neglected to mention that Pedro is a witch; his network of churches Satanic. Oops! That “blessing” was in essence a curse. And with the number of residents of Huancayo increasingly threatened by, even killed, by contaminated water..including the entire family of our own Grace-Covenant sponsored Pastor Olvidio Zavallos! would think the government would have the sense and sensibility to at least ask a clergy member of the Christian persuasion for help. But such is the syncretism and confusion of life and government in Latin America; where priests and witch doctors often stand side-by-side serving communion in cathedrals.

Our ten-day team; prophetically-gifted Pastors Jeff and Brenda Hurst of Bloomington, Illinois and myself were scheduled to arrive in
Peru at..get this.. midnight on Halloween. I am not one to see signs from God everywhere, or demons behind every bush...but perhaps that timing was a sign of the significant spiritual warfare to come (as was the fifteen hours I spent on what was to have been a six and a half hour flight from Houston, complicated by a bizarre sudden lightning storm, and the temporary closing of the Lima international airport, which forced us to fly to Cusco!) We immediately made sure the specialized North American childrens vitamins sent with us from our church , Third Day Fellowship of Fresno, were taxied to Pastor Olvidio’s two precious little girls, and found that indeed God used them; the children were almost immediately better!

But our approach to reversing the curse over the city’s water, and seeing that the afflicted were healed, was not limited to vitamins. The problem is multiplex: for example, much of the poisoning of the water comes from the government outsourcing water purification to corrupt companies, and perhaps due to the church world’s slowness to repentance. (Some evil spiritual principalities are embedded in gubernatorial principalities and parishes). So we and our resident GC missionaries Ken and Cathie Metz (members of Third Day, I am proud to add!) prayed and

approached the water problem in a holistic way…talking with/praying with government representatives, offering deep prayer and good vitamins…

…And launching a direct assault on the forces of darkness that Witch
Pedro unleashed at the fountainhead of the water supply. Yes, to our awe, our Sovereign God had calendared our trip to coincide with a previously scheduled Saturday trip by several pastors and intercessors up to the snow-capped mountains of 16,000 feet where, at the lake and the dam from which flow drinking water down to Huancayo where

Pedro has been known to hide in a cave, perhaps continuing to “bless“ the water.. Lingering in praise, engaging intercession, anointing the water with oil sent down with the Hursts, we felt honored and humbled to be used by God in such front-lines warfare on

Photo: Cathie Metz, Pastor Jesús, my cold self, Brenda Hurst, and Jeff Hurst, ridiculously high atop the Andes, at a prayer meeting at Lake Huaytapallana, the water supply for Huancayo.
behalf of a city God loves. But even the seasoned intercessors were surprised to encounter two freshly constructed satanic altars (which Jeff Hurst emotionally and forcefully smashed, under Ken‘s leading). Upon that sacred smashing, two avalanches occurred near Pedro’s cave. ..even as one intercessor prayed Isaiah 2:10: “ Enter into the rock, and hide in the dust from the terror of the Lord!” I was stunned enough to only capture the last moments of the last blast of avalanche on video (watch the whole prayer meeting right here; the avalanche is found at the 7:15 mark)

But it is footage I will treasure forever, for it chillingly invokes Revelation 8 where the incensed prayers of the saints directly resulted in lightning and quakes hurled down onto the earth. God’s powerful and immediate answer to prayer was unveiled to us in a tangible and dramatic way. It seemed as if a window of heaven had opened as an amen and answer to our passionate prayers.

On the way home, Ken narrated and summarized our for a possible "Transformations" type video (see the above clip at 8:17ff). And to top off our day, and because what is a
trip like this without the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere (!)...that's what the car chose to do. This was also captured on the video below; you'll see that we met (in a classic moment) some lonely llamas and (in a chilling horror-movie moment) the (remains of) the last person to break down in this remote spot! Also, note that once we get the car running, we met an amazing sherdess(ette) ...and the closing scene (in which the name of our new driver is revealed) is....well. watch it!

We returned home the next day to (of course) find Pastor Olvidio’s family some better. But halfway through the worship service that morning, after a timely teaching on persevering prayer by Jeff, we found that Olvidio astor had been so humble that he had not even told his congregation about the family’s typhoid (Our congregation in California had prayed our hearts out for the situation the week before, unaware that the affected congregation had not even officially the news). But he graciously allowed Ken to announce the diagnosis to the hushed flock: “How many of you have been blessed by this family ?” (All hands went up). How many know they all have typhoid..which can kill?” (Only one hand).. The congregation as one body dropped to its kneesas we lavished love and prayer on the four servants of Christ; all within earshot of some men stumbling out of the brothel across the street. Another window of heaven had opened.

Oh, the actual events of that last paragraph? On video right here:

The Hursts and I offered individual prayer for hundreds of Peruvians, as we ministered night after night in

church after church…including one multi-church gathering of Ketchuans (indigenous peoples with their own language) who were interested in spiritual connection with Grace Covenant. In this service, Ken witnessed something he had not seen in all his years; a paralytic he was praying over literally rise up and walk!

Healings were flowing in each venue..including the outdoor worship outreach that we just happened onto, which allowed both Jeff and I to speak and sparkplug the gathered believers seeking to make a difference and dent in their beautiful but beleaguered city.

On many nights a sheet would be set up on the wall of a storefront church and the startling story of God visiting the Innuit people of Arctic Canada, as told on the Transformations II video, was projected. Each showing was followed by us praying one by one over the Huancayoans the impartation to participate in a similar revival and transformation in their city.

I cannot express what favor the Metzes have found with the government leaders. From the weekly prayer meeting Ken has with the mayor (which the day we were there also included a beer vendor who just happened to be in the lobby, was moved as we prayed over him as well!) to the Christian presidential candidate that Ken was humbled to pray over at a prominent public meting. Not to mention, God-ordained encounters with elected leaders right in the streets, where we “accidentally” ran into them and they received our prayers and prophecies with tears and wide-eyed thanksgiving. Huancayo is hungry for help, as their suicide capital of
Peruis becoming the abundant life epicenter of the nation.

Thanks in large part to the Metzes apostolic authority, and pastoral encouragement, there is critical mass for sustained revival and awakening. Through a freshly united and ignited Central
Peru Pastor’s Fraternity, the Lord is stirring his saints. Our team was also present for the installation of the new officers of the fraternity (no small event and celebration in Latin America!); and to our amazement we were asked to lay hands on and commission the new leaders. The international scope of the impartation was not lost on us, as the heart cries of these pastors mingled with ours.

The Metzes have established Amor Transforamador as a vehicle and wineskin for unifying churches and ministries, reaching Huancayo for Christ, and planting securing a beachhead for the imminent and inevitable national revival. Foremost among these ministries are: Amor Eterno, coordinated by GC Pastor Justo, who though living in heatless veritable cave with a leaking roof, offer huge hope and healing to those recovering from addictions; congregations alive and afire such as Freddie (who survived a terrorrist’s gun to his face) and Hilda Sunnamanu‘s church; Fernando and Suzie’s Christian children’s camp, Pastor Pedro Torres’s Casa de Oracion Sion where we prayed over several young people who were called to ministry in the marketplace, some even saying “yes” to becoming pastors after I preached on catching God’s timing, and as they prayed selflessly with us.

And just days after we left for the States, history was made. The Metzes and the Amor Transformador team managed to fill the local soccer stadium with thousands of

young people in an unprecedented worship/out reach event that will ripple the River of Revival into the future.

I can’t wait to return to Huancayo next time. Yet I must couch and context this plan on two contingencies: first, that it is God’s will (James 4:13); and secondly that some of you reading (yes, you!) come with me! And maybe even have a drink of what will then be pure local water. For the Living Water of Jesus Christ is already available and being poured out there, as you have been hearing. It is kairos time for the literal water to follow and flow. “We have won the battle in the air,“ Ken Metz has said of

the amazing work already accomplished over Huancayo. “Now it’s time to win it on the land.” Some of you are likely destined to land on that land with me next trip. It will be an adventure never forget, and it will be a few years farther along in its amazing God-curve towards true transformation that can only be explained as an act of God.



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