Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Knives, Bohemia and God under the bed

Amazing...Bono finally "enters the blogosphere" (his words) and posts on rollingstone.com. Of course he surpassed the word limit for comments; but the whole post can be read at the link below:

....of course the life of the artist is always more compelling than being an artist. To live in the garret with a knife in your hand and a bleeding ear is more romantic than the fragility that leaves open the wound ... Bohemia is more attractive than suburbia but maybe you don't live there, maybe you live on a street which is like any other street where the opera that goes on behind parted curtains is more than enough.... It was briefly for U2.

you can have everything the songs, the production, the face, the attitude but still not have "IT"... U2 had nothing really, nothing but "IT"... For us music was a sacrament ...an even more demanding and sometimes more demeaning thing than music as ART, we wanted to make a music to take you in and out of your body, out of your comfort zone, out of your self, as well as your bedroom, a music that finds you looking under your bed for God to protect your innocence...
Bono, link

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