Wednesday, August 05, 2009

my burden is light...and so is this cross

Here ar right, Gavin Friday and Bono ponder the cross made of light
at the "Church of the Light" in Japan,

In spite of its expensive design by architect Tadao Ando, and it's UCC affiliation, some consider it an emerging/organic/missional congregation of's in a residential neighborhood, and the size of a house, for example..
..and it was almost built without a roof!

"At this intersection of light and solid the occupant is meant to become aware of the deep division between the spiritual and the secular within himself or herself.'- Ando

  • Here the Wikipedia article..
  • Here'smore pictures and detail
  • Here's the church website
  • Here's the U2 connection...


  1. very cool design. Awesome concept. Only thing is...I don't think there is a deep divide between spiritual and secular. Maybe the divide is between God's perfect will, and the lousy things we do to ourselves and others. God's holiness versus sin.

  2. I know, that part hit me too. He may be lamenting the divide..
    I need to reread the interview

    Thanks for commenting


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