Thursday, May 03, 2012

the "new frantic joy "of the telling the Dead Man to "F#@* off!"

Bono once explained the band's connection to Christopher Nolan:

"We come from the North side of Dublin, went to a school called Mount Temple Comprehensive. That's where we met. When we were leaving this new student came in. He was a boy completely paralyzed, nothing moving. He was born ... without oxygen, but he had something in his eyes, this light in his eyes.

So his mother believed in him, that he was awake, that he was conscious.

So she used to read to him ... teach him. Then when he was 13 years old, they discovered this little drug which allowed him to move his neck one inch ... and with that he was able to type with this little thing they attached to his head. Turns out, he'd been writing stuff in his head for years, this poetry, beautiful poetry - put out this book called "Dam-Burst of Dreams" ... his first poem was called "I Learned To Bow" where he thanked God for the gift of science and medicine.   link  (lso video of Nolan there)

That book is full of gratitude to God.

His second book, "Under The Eye of the Clock" is, as well....but like many second books/second albums, it'sa bit more comfortable about being uncomfortable.... and honest about faith, dount and anger. 

I wonder what Nolan thought about the U2 lament "Wake Up Dead Man," in which the narrator reminds Jesus to "wake up" and do something about this "f@#-ed up world".
"Maybe your hands aren't free."

Nolan had his own confrontation with the Living Dead Man, at least through his character Joseph, (obviously representing himself-- even the book's subtitle is "The Life Story of Christopher Nolan."...and as you can see by this link, all based on a true story.):

"What,” said Matthew, “Do you want to see the crucifix, Joseph?” He wheeled him over and there hanging up on the wall was a lifesize Christ crucified to a huge black cross. His pallid limp body sagged windswept and dead. Crowned with thorns, his grey face was streaked by caked blood, his wonderful eyes were turned vacantly upwards, his head fell backwards and his veins were taut in his throat.  Feet and hands held him crested to the cross.
But Joseph was not seeing the sadness of the spectacle that day, his boy’s heart was broken and he knew who to blame. The bright angry eyes of the rebellious boy looked up at the great crucifix and swinging his left arm in a grand arc he made the two-finger sign at the dead Christ.   Breathing nosily, he looked up at his dad and with a brazen sweep of his head he ordered him to wheel his chair away

Hell held no greater devil that day, Joseph Meehan had been tested and yielded.  He felt powerful enough, he tasted new frantic joy. He told God what he thought of him and his cross.. He was furious still.

Matthew wheeled him along. He bought the evening paper in Furlongs, but Joseph didn't seem to notice.  The untimely paper held no place in his battle.  The boy held his head down  He was deep in thought.  But Hell has its own torments.  He was only halfway up the avenue  on his way home when Hell began its loud laughing. Imagine telling God to fuck off, thus the niggling began. Imagine saying fuck off to the crucified Christ. Imagine having the nerve to be obscene in front of the crucifixion...
            -link: read the whole section, and much of the book, here

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