Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Music is the electrical soil for the spirit"

"Thus  does art ever represent divinity, and that which stands in 
human relation to it is religion; what we acquire through 
art is from God, a divine suggestion, which sets up a goal 
for human capacities, which the spirit attains.

We do not know what grants is knowledge; the firmly exposed seed needs the moist  to grow, think, express itself,  Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents .  Philosophy is the precipitation 

of its electric spirit; and its necessity, which will ground 
everything upon a first principle, is supplied by music; 
and although the spirit be not master of that which it 
creates through music, yet is it blessed in this creation; 
in this manner, too, is every creation of art independent ; 
mightier than the artist himself, and returns by its appear- 
ance back to the divine ; and is only connected with men, 
in so much as it bears witness to the divine mediation 
in him. 

Music gives to the spirit relation to harmony. A 
thought abstracted has still the feeling of communion, of 
affinity, in the spirit ; thus each thought in music is in the 
most intimate, inseparable affinity with the communion of 
harmony, which is unity."   -Attr. to  Beethoven, quoted by  Goethe ,  HT SPY 
Scott Jones

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