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progressive "improv theatre" worship with Pastor Paul McCartney

Play some random tracks from "Electric Arguments," the third album by "The Fireman"...(or the first two albums,   "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest"[ audio here ]and  "Rush"[audio here] for that matter, as they're instrumental, and kind of ambient-techno )...and have people guess 

For a really good time, play tracks 10-13 (videos below) from   "Electric Arguments,"  right now for someone, and ask them who they think the artist is.

Was Paul McCartney even on their list?

If your first thought of Paul McCartney is
 "silly love songs" 
 sappy pop;

                         and you saw Lennon or Harrisson as the experimental  Beatle..

Try on The Fireman albums...Paul (with some help from  Youth (Martin Glover, one of whose bands is Celtic Cross, and who has worked/associated with Godhaunted types like U2, Maria McKee and Zoe) is the Fireman, and reviews routinely drop comparisons to

Pink Floyd, 
           Tubular Bells,
                           King Crimson and...

Yes, you read right!

A bit of Eno..a touch of emo.

                                  house,                     Celtic and........

"Sing the Changes" is not the most representative song of the third album, but it's the most likely to be sung in church! (Hey.."I'm not religous, but I'm very spiritual"  Paul has already prayed for U2..and prays with his band every night ..why can't we play/pray him in church?)

Here it is below.. it is followed by some interviews, and then the whole album.
On a few songs a listener might say "That sounds a little like McCartney..but it can't be."

From Wikipedia:

The duo borrowed the title "Electric Arguments" from the poem "Kansas City to St. Louis" by Allen Ginsberg. In Wired magazine, McCartney stated this was because "he's been looking at the beauty of word combinations rather than their meaning."[3]
We had a ball making this album, and it was a great departure because it seemed more like improv theatre. In the improv spirit, there are William Burroughs-type cut-ups in the lyrics. I came to "Sing the Changes," as well as all the other songs in the album, with absolutely no concept of what the melody or lyrics would be about. So it was like writing on the spot, which I think lent an electricity to the whole sound.
—Paul McCartney [4]

Almost sounds Bongolesean.
When I had had my wife guess who this song was, she ventured "U2?"

"Sing the Changes"

like the sun playing in the morning 

feel the choir, feel the thunder 
every ladder leads to heaven 
call it ransom, draw the picture 

sing the changes as you're sleeping 
feel the quiet   thunder 
see the changes o'er and o'er
feel the choir hear the thunder 

like  the sunflake  in the morning 
see the quiet feel the thunder 
every ladder leads to heaven 
colored pencils draw the picture 

sing your praises as you're sleeping 
sing the changes any wonder
i feel the sense of childlike wonder 
sing your praises as you're sleeping 

sing the changes as you're sleeping 
feel the quiet hear the thunder 
sing  the changes o'er and o'er 
feel the choir in the thunder 
sing your praises as you're sleeping 
feel the quiet  hear the thunder 
sing the changes go on  on  
and everybody have a sense of  shine like wonder 

sing His praises as you're sleeping 
feel the fire  hear the thunder 
sing the changes o'er and o'er    
and everybody's  got a sense of 
childlike wonder 

I want some more  __ fire 
you can't stop me, time!

Official "Sing the Changes" video:
 "Sing the Changes" live ("Good Evening New York"):
br />

"Sing the Changes" on Letterman...on the rooftop (another U2...and Beatles) reference):


Written interview here

-- --
 1) Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight:

2)Two Magpies:

3)Sing the Changes

4)Travelling Light":

5) Highway:

6) light from your lighthouse:
7)Sun is shining:

8) Dance 'Till We're High:

9)Lifelong Passion:

10)is this love?

11) Lovers In A Dream:

12)Universal Here, Everlasting Now

13)"Don't Stop Running"..even ends with backmasking...guess Paul isn't dead...interesting message: "warmer than the sun and cooler than the air,"  I wonder Who that is.


Hidden track.e

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