Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NT Wright videos on Jesus

Thinking "outside the box" when doing history or theology:

Can preconceived ideas/assumptions affect historical information about Jesus?:

Do the Gospels actually record what Jesus said and did?

Did Jesus perform miracles?:

Do we have accurate information about Jesus?

Why are the virgin birth, empty tomb and resurrection controversial?:

Is there a lack of reliable evidence concerning Jesus' life?

Are the four Gospels contradictory?

Did Jesus think He was the Messiah?

Who or what did Jesus think He was?

When did Jesus come to an understanding of the significance of His death?:

Who was Jesus?:

Who were the Essenes and Were Jesus and John the Baptist Essenes?:

What is the significance of Jesus cleansing the Temple

The secret trials of Jesus:

Should the Jews be blamed for killing Jesus?: r /> Was Jesus' death necessary?:

Did Jesus understand the meaning of His death?

What does, "The Son of Man did not come to be served....ransom for many" mean?
Importance of seeing all angles of Jesus instead of focusing on only one:

How do faith and history come together?:

How can you explain the Christian church after Jesus' life?:

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