Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Elbow: Prophet with a Beer and Beard

I love learning about new music (new to me, anyway) from trusted friends.

Thanks to WPLR New Haven's Stoneman for playing a little funeral-playing combo called U2..
           Thanks to Diane  for introducing me to The Violet Burning..
                       Thanks to my brother for the intro to the77s..

I could go on..

..but today all I can say to Paul Leader is "Wow!"
I am late to the Elbow party, but I am here.

Thanks, St. Paul.  You are man of taste.


Start with Paul's article:

 Prophet With a Beer and a Beard

 Then maybe

Pop Matters: Elbow

 Elbow (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Here are some somewhat random YouTube results:


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