Tuesday, November 04, 2014

on earth now...as it is on heaven

Sounds like Bono
                                               but it's Rich Kriegbaum: 

“If nobody is lonely and abandoned in heaven,
                 then I want everyone to have good and faithful   friends here on earth now.

If no one is hungry in heaven,
                        then I want the hungry fed good nutrition on earth now.

If nobody is controlled by addictions in heaven,
             then I want bodies, minds, and souls liberated to freedom in Christ here and now, on earth.

If there is no violence or war in heaven,
    then I want peace and reconciliation among people here on earth now

 If heaven has clean air and water and no cancer,
              then I want clean air and water and no cancer on earth now as it is in heaven.

If everyone in heaven is a joyful follower of Jesus Christ, worshiping him in spirit and in truth,
              then I want everyone on earth to experience the love of God and joyfully follow  the                                 King of Kings and worship the prince of peace in spirit and in truth.” 

Watch this talk here

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