Friday, January 30, 2015

Jesus' "incredibly disrespectful, offensive and irresponsible inaugural miracle"

In a compelling section of his "Selling Water by the the River," Shane Hipps discusses the John 2 account of the wedding at Cana, concluding that "this inaugural miracle sets the stage for [Jesus'] way of operating in the world.  It frames his entire ministry."  He suggests that Jesus' use of the ceremonial washing jars, instead of using the "obvious" amphoras [wine containers] that were surely nearby, was an "incredibly  disrespectful, offensive and irresponsible thing."

Teaser: it has something to do with Tuma.

The entire section can be viewed on Google Books; pp. 31-36 here (the page numbers are not marked, so read from  the paragraph beginning "Jen had a warm but weary..." to the paragraph ending "confines of the riverbanks.")

When Shane autographed my book, he asked about me.  I mentioned I was a pastor and Bible teacher, and that I had found his teaching helpful.  He smiled, "And you haven't gotten in trouble  for that yet?"

I have always found it fascinating that John very intentionally hitches (some would call it framejacking)  this story to Jesus' temple cleansing. So it's worth pursuing how the temple tantrum was also  an "incredibly disrespectful, offensive and irresponsible inaugural miracle"...and for similar reasons.

Also: see Michael Frost  video  HERE for help on this text, including a suggested inclusio.
("Uncle Joshua would've had a lampshade on his head")

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