Tuesday, February 10, 2015

laundromat as third place

Check out the NPR story: laundromat as third places

A Growing Movement To Spread Faith, Love — And Clean Laundry 

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  2. Actually...I don't agree that the ministry of Laundry Love (LL) is to 'raise money' to do laundry. Most of us self fund our LLs. Personally, I consider it my tithe. The LL ministry is to relationally serve the needs of those in need. In a way, it is like a church in that we meet at a set location/time (and we tithe) and it is The Church in that we are the Body of Christ intentionally living out the Gospel.

    But....while it's true it started out of a Ventura church called The Bridge, LL is not an exclusive 'Christian' outreach. I just helped start an LL in Hollywood for homeless youth with a humanitarian group (Unfuck The World) who do it as a gesture of humanity and the laundry mat owner who let's me use his facility to host my Ventura LL is a Hindu and does it for Karma.

    Bottom line - Laundry Love meets the needs of those in need. It's the Love, not the free laundry that makes LL a success.

    Out to Love,


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