Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bono's pastoral prayer to be free from addiction/the U2 family prayer

Bono, worship leader, often morphs into a pastoral role.
    Remember his benedition in Chicago?
         Or in Moncton?

In a way that's reminiscient of, but far more natural than Roger Waters's pastoral, probing  questions, Bono's opening comments/questions..and closing whispers/altar call... of last night's "Bad"  are powerful, and frame the song as an invitation out of addiction (Hmm, Roger Waters had a midrash on this theme, see this).

Maybe Bono and I both have the same one sermon (see

Bono preaches my sermon).

 Suddenly, the "let it go"s make new sense...

Bonus: at the end of the song, only the second video, he reveals the U2 family prayer:

And what immediately followed:
 see also

U2 can pastor the city


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