Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"You Have Been Chosen.....Leadfoot"

I keep the "Little Green Man" positoned on my dashboard at just the right angle and wedge, so that if I drive too recklessly, he falls off.
Since his infamous line in the "Toy Story" movie is "You have been chosen"..
...I am thus reminded that as a "chosen" person, I should be driving sanely.
There's a longer story, and a deeper theological underpinning to all this; but you get the point.
Colossians 3.12: "As God's chosen, clothe yourselves....with patience."
Besides,I am a recovering Leadfoot. Here's that story; it's almost as embarrassing as the fact that I carry a toy green mascot in my car:

A man I know well had just gotten in a classic "first fight" with his wife. He did something uncharacteristic of him: He jumped in his car, and began speeding (literally) away from the situation.
Because he was a believer, he at least had the sense to pray; even as in his fast car he was contradicting his belief. But he prayed, for some reason this prayer; "Lord, I really need to hear from you!"
At that precise moment, a moment he was to remember the rest of his life, the man was strangely prompted to turn on the car radio. Immediately, a voice came over the radio:"Hey Leadfoot! Turn around, go back to your wife, and tell her you’re sorry!"Let me tell you, gentle reader; When that happened to me….
…I turned around, went back to my wife, and told her I was sorry!
And it doesn’t change my theology of "God was speaking audibly and directly to me" at all to reveal the way God spoke. At the exact moment I was speeding away from home, and shot up that prayer while turning the dial on, a Christian disc jockey who was broadcasting live felt prompted to say:
"Hey Leadfoot! Turn around, go back to your wife, and tell her you’re sorry!" link
PS Here's another theological application Jon found in the same scene. It will preach. Maybe my green guy should be a mascot on the Sunday morning altar as well:
In the scene where Buzz jumps into the Claw game thinking it to be a space ship,
I see a lesson for all Christians. I see the aliens as being symbolic of many
Christians today. We sit in our church, safe and secure, in our beliefs (The
claw decides who will stay and who will go, "I go to a better place"). When a
stranger comes into our churches we react we curiosity (A stranger, from the
outside). The aliens expect Buzz to accept their beliefs without question, when
Buzz is chosen by the Claw, they exclaim "you have been chosen".
How often
do we as Christians sit in our churches, waiting for someone from the outside to
come in. When they do, how often do we expect them to accept our beliefs,
traditions, and practises without question. Do we just try to turn them into
another clone of us looking, dressing, behaving the same that every other person
in our churches does

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