Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seducing Sinners

Contrary to what beloved Saint Steve may think (he has already stalk-read this post and groaned),
the farthest thing from my mind and intent is to trip people up sexually..

I just know that the church's failure to be honest..even mention and address/redress...sexuality is one reason for "oh, the shape we're in."

I do admit choosing provocative post titles to shameless attract sex-addict googlers over to this site..partly as a parody, but partly because it works.

I joked with Ryan on this post:

Lindsay, Britney and Amy go into a bar ...

about tricking surfers into visiting Christian sites.

I have no intent of tracking ISPs..

But I was surprised that my experiment (click title above for details) produced NO results that I noticed..

but the two recent posts that seem to bringing in surfers and stealthers from all over the world
are the one that promised:

and that addressed:

It's the economic times that brought on the latter;
and the sexonomic times that brought in the former.

Or are they both the same phenomenon/obsexxion?

Even though I rebel against "attractional church,"

whatever gets 'em in the door.
(a safe click above, he he..)

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