Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out of Ur Video: S. McKnight interviews Brian McLaren: "Are You a Heretic?""

A video from Out of Ur,  originally posted here, with comments:
Q | Conversations on Being a Heretic from Q Ideas on Vimeo.


  1. People may wonder where Brian may lead us...but his ideas of encouraging Christians to think past there self-justification is not bad.

    If everyone that went to church would give themselves a little more and give a little more money and serve a little more than others would think Jesus' church is more than hypocritical statements and actually real people that love community.

    my friends may not like my beliefs as a Christian, but they will see my life work out my beliefs by how much I give in terms of caring for those around me and giving hope through times of the shadow of death...

    We reject Brian's ideas here because we don't want to do anything for those beyond our Christian community...

    Why can't we be different?

  2. so well said, Ken.

    we sure get koinitis quickly


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