Sunday, August 01, 2010

"I'm a guy. Is it wrong for me to listen to Beth Moore?"

John Piper addresses that question below.
Any comments?:)


  1. Great answer. According to Scripture, women are not to have authoritative teaching roles. But that doesn't mean that they cannot remind us of biblical truth and to exhort us to deeper faith and joy in Jesus. Joni Eareckson Tada, anyone?

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  3. This video touched me on a very visceral level. It has been a long time since I have been so angry. Whenever the Bible is used to oppress I get angry. I can hear other white men using Piper's same logic to justify the owning of African slaves in pre-Civil war America. One thing to learn in this video is that ones biblical interpretation must rise above ones social location. Speaking from a position of power, privilege and authority Piper indicates it is ok for the womenfolk of his church to do the menial task of teaching Sunday school but don't let one of those uppity bitches try taking over the pulpit. (I rarely use profanity but I feel it is called for here)The problem with biblical literalism is that it is very selective. That is, we pick and choose the verses we are going to emphasize and obey. Piper completely ignores Galatians 3:28... you know, the one where Paul says in Christ there is no longer male or female. Or, for that matter Eph. 5:21. It is no wonder so many Christian women have left the church. Just about the time you think the church has progressed beyond Augustine’s belief that women were malformed men, someone posts a video by yet another patriarchal sexist. Here is a suggestion… let your first rule of hermeneutics be “reject any interpretation that oppresses others.”

  4. Now that was quite a deal. Comments from two different Brads, with very different opinions.

    Would be good for you two to dialogue..


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