Saturday, July 31, 2010

"The Primary Mission", AKA "Jesus Farted": Kory Wheeler Sermon Video

I asked Kory, a great...and unpretentiously down-home and honest (church could use a bit of that!) of God to preach for me one night (his first sermon ever) during Sierra Christian Ashram this week.

So glad I did! Look for great things from Kory and Tina and family; and pray for him as he is beginning seminary studies online. We need more pastor dudes like this. The message is "The Primary Mission," but many at camp (especially the youth) called it by its unofficial subtitle,"Jesus Farted."

Great insights regarding the radical humanity of Jesus, "practicing the presence," abolishing the sacred/secular distinction, and being "with God."

I especially loved that he wisely quoted the wise Dallas Willard...without even knowing who he was.

Here is the 34-minute message, in 5 parts:


  1. I personally think it's highly irreverent to sit there and say oh Jesus picked his nose or farted .. or Jesus likes hip hop.. blah blah blah.. whatever happened to Jesus being sovereign.. lots of irreverence to Jesus.. and the trinity going on these last days.. makes me SICK

  2. i understand and appreciate your concerns, Tiffany.
    I actually think it honors Jesus divinity, not takes away from reminded us of how totally human he was. What kind of God would humble himself to become fully human. I know Kory very well and he is very deep in God and reverent...and honest. He believes in the Trinity deeply. To say "The Holy Spirit farted" would be irreverent, but to reminds us that Jesus was human, may have had zits as a youth, had a male sex organ, was not good looking (isaiah 53:2 ), and went to the bathroom etc. while on earth. That to me is very reverent and makes me want to worship him more.
    You may know that a Jewish worldview includes prayers of blessing for the bathroom, as all of life belongs to God. see:

    You use the word sovereign. This doesn't take away from his sovereignty, it adds to it. What kind of sovereign God would lower himself to become human..
    And of course he likes hip hop.he loves all music (not all lyrics).

    Love you,

  3. Tiffany, knowing you, i am sure you played the sermon before you judged it..I wish everyone did that. Blessings!


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