Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Lines on the Horizon

This video (that St Cynthia of Oakdale passed on) of someone finding and filming a double rainbow up close in Yosemite is worth watching just for the

narration (which itself has spawned some spoofs...see this)

These kind of missional manifestations seem to happen frequently here in California.
I'll never forget driving to the California coast and literally chasing down the end of a rainbow;
it was otherwordly and liminal. But every time I got close enough to touch the bow, it disappeared.

Profound life lesson. I often preach that story.

I never found a pot of gold, and I was late to my meeting.
But something within me wanted to touch the colors....(I'd be open to touching the flame, too).

I will never forget Ed and Beth from our Delano church describe the ethereal experience of flying
(in a plane, that is!) through a rainbow. Gave me chills just listening..

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  1. I saw that double rainbow on the way to work in Oakhurst. People were pulling off of 41 to take pictures. It reminded me of the postcard "The Rapture".


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