Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"i broker and sell nuts...who may contain a small amount of alcohol"

As you can see on the upper right sidebar, the highest number of "labels" (Blogger's dumb name for "tags") on this blog are those on the "role of the pastor" topic.

As anyone who has seen my business cards knows, I enjoy collecting alternative titles or job descriptions for "pastor." Our folks seem to like "goatherder" and "party planner."
Kevin likes "Chief Dreamer." .........I don't think "liminoid exorcist" will stick (:

But at recent St. Arbuck's meeting, I overheard someone ask Tony what he did for a living.

He replied, "Well, the short answer is,

'I broker and sell nuts."'

I couldn't resist chiming in, "Hey that's what I do, too," (:

Yep, chief nut.

Reminds me of this sign at a local's true of our church on a number of levels:


  1. Too funny, but try not to scare people off! "Party Planner", that's a Tupperware term for the party planning packette you are given when you schedule a party, are you having a TW party? and please put that poor horse out of its misery. All kidding aside (and I'm not going for a better grade)I have enjoyed our class and find you a "Rabbi". Thanks and God Bless, Anne


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