Tuesday, July 20, 2010

" I’m not a stranger in the eyes of the Maker"

I love the worship/prophetic moments Bono embeds/sneaks in/weaves in to a U2 concert.
...since I first experienced it (audio here) in 1983 in New Haven...

But truth is, as Tim Neufeld notes below, the whole concert/“leitourgia" is prayer/worship, not just the snippets and niggun-ing.
Bono can't help it.
And the outro to "Beautiful Day" is often a centerpoint of the worship set..as we've seen before,
and as Tim witnessed firsthand (in a front pew) in Pasadena, and you can witness 4th hand via the video:

...There is a Spirit that carries, infuses, and shapes this concert from beginning to end. There is a sense that the entire show is one thoughtful, intentional, yet spontaneous prayer to the Creator. From “Soon,” a comment on the now-but-not-yet Kingdom of God, to “Moment of Surrender,” a very personal testimony of God’s presence in the chaos of everyday life, we sense a fresh wind and are challenged to pray with Bono, “Move me, Spirit teach me, move me, Spirit reach me.” At the end of “Beautiful Day” Bono confesses to the audience (in a revision of the classic Beach Boys song) “God only knows the way I feel about you.
God only knows I’m not a stranger, in the eyes of the Maker.”
Multiple times Bono assumes a prayer posture during the show either with hands raised or palms up and eyes lifted to the heavens....

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