Monday, July 19, 2010

Church with crap on the bathroom walls=good sign

Maybe a bathroom set-up like the one pictured here
(photo credit) would have saved Resurrection Life Church in. St. Joseph, Missouri the crappy problem they encountered one day.

But I just choose to think that problem was a good sign that they are missional at heart.

Any church that has defecation smeared on the bathroom walls because they let "street kids" attend their parties....good sign of the times; good sign of (bad pun) the "end" times, if you will.

It's hard to tell this next part of the story of the church and its pastor without sounding judgmental on megachurches.
But the point is: I need to start being judgmental on myself, then in the small chance I have any more time, I'll get around to judging someone else (:

It's just that Billy, awesome pastor of that "fear no crap" church, whom our "connection without control" network recently connected with, once tried to get in to see a pastor--any pastor--at a large church, but not a single one of the large staff was available.

He felt a call to plant a church, and just wanted some wisdom/prayer from a seasoned pastor.

What happened next is told in the video, as we commission his family for ministry.

But it could have just as easily been me or Dallas (the guy in the video) who didn't have the time to meet someone on a given day. But no pastors available on a given day? Just sayin' (:

By the way, our man Vincent J. Vera has a "Christian song" with "bathroom stalls" in the lyric...that too, is a good sign!!

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