Monday, September 20, 2010

More John McArthur adventures in misunderstanding..

More John McArthur adventures in misunderstanding.,  This video clip reveals how Dobson, World Magazine and others evenyually were able to get one of the best translations ever (TNIV) banned.
(See TNIV tags below for more info on the backstory)

More on McArthur's well-meaning adventures in missing the point:

Check this: Fill in the blanks below with your best answer:

"There is no substitute for submitting to ____"
"If you are not a Christian, you need ______ for salvation"
"_____ is perfectly able to open an unbeliever's eyes to the truth of the gospel, convict him of sin, or even do radical surgery on his soul."

Check out McArthur's answers here (bottom of post)


  1. i like how he throws charismatics under the bus too.

  2. Hey Andy...yeah, i worry how many "charismatics and cultists" are under the bus


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