Monday, September 27, 2010

Shadow Boxing with Richard Rohr

"It takes so much energy and effort to suppress what we find unacceptable in ourselves that we can have very little energy left for anything else. This is why some people exist in a stew of aimless anxiety, nameless dread, free-floating fear, generalized anger, & irritated exhaustion - all indications we’ve placed a great portion of our unacceptable self in exile.

We then project our own sick symptoms onto the screen of our outer world and call it reality. We don’t see the world as it is; we see the world through the prism of our anxiety, fear, and other rejected emotions. This is what creates the ...worlds of conspiracy theories, militia movements, and the hateful rantings of radio and TV personalities. People are largely fighting their own fears and denied shadow selves. If there is no real shadow boxing with the self, the boxing ring of life becomes scary indeed. This is much of our world."
- Richard Rohr, "On the Threshold of Transformation:Daily Meditations For Men," devotional for  Sept 7:THE MALE JOURNEY: Shadow Boxing"....HT to amazing resourcer St. Mike Morrell

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