Thursday, March 01, 2012

"commercialization" of the 'hellla hungry" Prodigal Son

1) Michael Bells posts this commercial, with the comments:
This is the best rice commercial ever - not that I have paid much attention to other rice commercials.
As I watch the commercial, I hear echos of this story in Luke 15. And I think it sheds some light on the father in Luke’s story. I think it also helps us understand the culture of honor.
Yes, the son returned home.
Yes, the son had done wrong.
But the father’s heart changed, too....continued

2)Neil Postman connects another commercial to the Prodigal Son:

Consider, for example, the parable of the Ring around the Collar. This is to television scripture what the Parable of the Prodigal Son is to the Bible, which is to say it is an archetype containing most of the elements of form and content that recur in its genre
         0link, "practicing hermeneutics on commercials"



It's not quite a commercial (for an Italian Pizzeria)  but it almost is.

Some amazing students of mine re-enacted The Prodigal Son, as Jesus might tell it today..Let's just say it's now about an Italian family whose dad owns a pizza parlor..and the prodigal got " hella hungry"...but it must be seen!

Prodigal Son..retold in rap and mime : 



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