Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ray Vander Laan's "Faith Lessons" playlist (12 complete episodes)

Below-one complete episode from each volume of "Faith Lessons."
Complete playlist here, or embedded consecutively below.
Author website here, more clips here.

  1.  Standing at the Crossroads
  2.  Innocent Blood (Meggido)
  3. In the Shadow of Herod (Herodian)
  4. When Storms Come (Galilee)
  5. Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain (Casearea Philippi )
  6.   When the Rabbi Says 'Come" (Bet Shan)  better audio version here
  7. Run!  The Passion of Elijah
  8. How Big is Our God?  (Egypt/Pharoah)
  9. The Lord Who Heals You (Marah and Elam)
  10. Build Me a Sanctuary (Tabernacle)
  11. The Way of the Essenes
  12. Join the Journey (Walking With God in the Desert)

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