Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The three testations of Jesus (and us): different takes on defining them

Various thinkers from early in church history through today have categorized/collated  the three core  temptations (testations) of Jesus  into grids/taxonomies. (See previous article: Timelines and Testations: Jesus, Sexonomics and Facebook, and other posts tagged "testation below.

 Below, the Kraybill reference is "The Upside Down Kingdom," Nouwen's is "In the Name of Jesus" , and Scazzaro's is "Emotionaally Healthy Spirituality." (HT Len).
 The last two are a bit more ancient..

Note also that
some suggest a specific responses for each:

  • Nouwen: relevant (contemplative prayer), spectacular (confession and forgiveness), and  ruler (theological reflection); 
  • The monastic vows money (poverty), sex (chastity), and power (obedience)

If that was helpful, see my previous post which includes the two crazy charts below 

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