Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dropping the Drop of the Fresno Drop

I find it incredible that the highest Google return for "Fresno Drop" is my post.

Why does no one in Fresno seem to ever think about the Fresno Drop..

...Maybe because until the Fresno Bee story this last Sunday
(the first local story on it in fifty years?)
most had never heard about it.

I am not REALLY from the future (like Dave Evans and his axe), no matter what Nathan says..

and I know Rev. Mother Nancy says I am ahead of my time..

But why did it take the current economic situation


a 5oth anniversary

for Fresno to know about the drop?

Here's my earlier post:

Dropping the Fresno Drop

Here's the Bee article on the Drop...
which nowhere uses that phrase...
and only in the tiny concluding paragraph drop any hint that the drop was not all "success":

Fresno shares credit for first card

Hmmm..I guess we'll have to wait for Rabbi Adam's sermon on this:
his sermon last month on Economics 101 from the Torah was wonderful.

Maybe he'll quote Bono's Prayer Breakfast sermon, even..


From The Bee article:

Even in the 1950s, Frederic Skoufis appeared to foresee the potential dangers that the new invention could bring. Jo Ann Skoufis said she remembers her father saying credit was a privilege: "Respect the card," he always said.

I'd find another word than respect.
Maybe I'll take a brilliant tip from my brilliant former secretary. The context was the joke about the devil:

"Well, at least you have to admire his persistance."

Buy Adbusters.

Just not on credit.

and don't even be tempted by the "first Christian credit card."

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