Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two rare and rogue Bono songs

1)How in the world did I miss a 2006 CD collection of "celtic folk" and "gritty seafaring standards"
with singers like:

Nick Cave, Richard Thompson, Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, Loudon Wainwright III
and Ed Harcourt..

Surely Bono must show up in such a collection.

It was Johnny Depp's brainstorm.
So Bono turned up.

The collection:

"Rogue's Gallery CD:A collection of Pirate Ballads, Sea Shanties/Chanties"

Bono's song (lyrics and video below, audio here, along with other Bono rarities):

"A Dying Sailor to His Shipmates"

Oh, wrap me in my country's flag, and lay me in the cold blue sea
Let the roaring of the waves, my solemn requiem be
And I shall sleep a pleasant sleep, while storms above their vigils keep

My Captain brave shall read for me, the service of the silent dead
And yea shall lower me in the waves, when all the prayers are said
And I will find my long, long home, among the billows and the foam
Farewell my friends for many a league, we've sailed together on the deep
Come let us shake our hands, I'll sail no more, but shipmates wear for weep

I'm bound above, my course is run
I near the port, my voyage is done


2)Easier to understand is
"How in the world did I miss a 1997 CD collection of Jimmie Rodgers standards"..but with
singers like:

Van Morrison, Alisson Kraus, Bob Dylan..

Clearly Bono would sign up for such a cast.

He did.

The collection:
The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers - A Tribute

Bono's selection, this one's not celtic or pirate, but a bit rogue(:

"Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes" (video below)


>And in case anyone doesn't know Bono and Lanois' great midrash on Phillipians 2, click
"Falling at Your Feet" in the hospital.

>and just in case it doesn't show upon the new U2, (as Bono psuggested to Brian Williams), enjoy Lanois' version of the prayer, "Thank You for the Day" here

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