Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real Preachers of Genius

Michael Nesmith and Aristotle are.
Click here if you doubt it.

I am not, and don't claim to be a genius.

I know I am not because Colleen...

who ironically thinks I am..

proved to me I am not.

Which proves SHE is.

Here's that story:

"Wow, you are obviously a genius and a great teacher...

....the material was way above my head!”

I am sure she meant it as a compliment!

But no one is a genius or great teacher who leaves the supposed learnees learning nothing…except the lie that the teacher is a great teacher because the content was over the students’ heads!

That encounter, several years ago, came after my teaching an advanced course for Christian leaders. Since then, I have wrestled and worked with my approach to teaching; seeking to creatively and consistently make difficult material accessible.

I am not sure I want to…or need to…hear either clause of that sentence again.
I have been honored, though, to hear from my FPU students remarks like:

“Thank you for explaining and presenting that so well; it was engaging and made me feel like I could learn anything!”

Now, that is a compliment. THEY feel like the genius!
continued here

Since I am not…

Having said all that, it was prelude to my posting the "Real Preachers of Genius" video below, which I didn't fully get at first...because I don't watch TV much (too busy reading books like the one at right), and so never got the original ads that these is spoofing.



  1. joke, I think, would be a better word to define you.

  2. Main Entry: joke
    Pronunciation: \ˈjōk\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Latin jocus; perhaps akin to Old High German gehan to say, Sanskrit yācati he asks
    Date: 1670

    1 a : something said or done to provoke laughter; especially : a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist b (1) : the humorous or ridiculous element in something (2) : an instance of jesting : kidding (can't take a joke) c : practical joke d : laughingstock
    2 : something not to be taken seriously : a trifling matter (consider his skiing a joke — Harold Callender) —often used in negative constructions (it is no joke to be lost in the desert)

    I would put Dave's writings in the first, illuminating category and possibly your comment in the second, as in can't take a joke...

  3. Nice booooook.


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