Thursday, September 03, 2009

TNIV Canned

The tragic news this week that one of the best translations of the Bible ever published (No one less than the respected Fee and Stuart in "How to Read the Bible for all its wort," offered, "We would venture to suggest that the TNIV is as good a translation as you will get") will be discontinued is a ridiculous and unnecsesary tragedy; due to some well-meaning but horribly misguided people who boycotted and blacklisted it....mostly because it included women!

Some of the history, backstory and controversy here
and here and here

Once to make the case that the King James language doesn't work for our day, I asked a 14-year old what "Charity suffereth long" meant. She was clueless.

Ask a 14-year old what "man" means...They'll say "a male." As them what "brother" means...They'll say "male sibling." Ask a 14 year old girl if she is a "son of God." They'll look at you as if you are nuts.

Does that make a translation heretical, unfaithful to Scriptural intent, feminist, or "liberal" for for translating:

"human" instead of man;
"Blessed is the one" rather than "Blessed is the man,"
"brothers and sisters," not "brothers?

Give me a break.

Shame on World Magazine...
Blame on James Dobson

Adventures in missing the point.
A major step backwards....

That the translators are now feeling forced to say the TNIV was a "mistake" and divisive..
“We are correcting the mistakes in the past. Being as transparent as possible is part of that. This decision was made by the board was made in the last 10 days.” “The T-NIV is very divisive. It’s not a unifying translation. And it was poorly handled in the marketplace. We need to undo the damage.
The potential good news is the chairman of the committee for the new NIV translation has said:
"I can predict that this is going to look 90 percent or more what the 1984 NIV looks like and 95 percent what the TNIV looks like..The changes are going to be a very small portion of the whole Scripture package."

The story:
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