Monday, October 05, 2009

life is not the product of time

It's about time someone took the time to transcribe this timely Augustinian article about time.

It's by Charlie Peacock, from his Summer 1990 newsletter, which coincided with the release of his album, "The Secret of Time"...and as far as I know it is not available anywhere online.
I will at least get the ball rolling with excerpts.

...You see, the software used in the computer immediately changes the way I think about music. I'm conversing with myself about music through a piece of machinery that but its very nature demands that I think about music as a product of time. To play in its ballpark I have no other choice than to think in units of time as it defines them....Life can be a bit like that..

In the same way frames and bits can change the way I think about music seconds minutes and hours can change the way I think abut the universe and life itself...

If we have gone from time-keepers to time-savers as Neil Postman suggests, what kind of time can a man find any delight in?..

..Time was we know it (after the fall in the garden) is the environment which God ordered so that human events having eternal effects might occur.....It should also be clear to the Christian that all human events have eternal effect, but not all have eternal worth..

..At one time or another most of us have felt that we were conversing with ourselves about life through a mind that by its very nature demanded us think about life as a product of time...(yet) life resides within the context of time but it is no more the product of time than music is...

The Christian mind possesses a new program designed to think about time in the context of the eternal....Time is now defined as the context in which human choices have eternal consequences......This is the secret of time."
-Charlie Peacock, "West Coast Diaries: the Very Official Charlie Peacock Newsletter, Summer 1990, pp 2, 6


the title song of that classic Peacock album is so haunting,. all the more as it includes the late Vince Ebo's timeless vocals.

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