Monday, October 26, 2009

"Say 'goodbye' to the postmodern era"

Fascinating comment,
even more intriguing what event the writer sees as largely having facilitated the change:

"Say 'goodbye' to the postmodern era"

What event did it?
Click to read the article..
He may be right for the wrong reason.


  1. Wait... I am confused... interesting though.

  2. Is this better said "Virtual" postmodrern where the PMod is for experience that is nowrendered immaterial as it is experienced just in the mind without having to be present?
    And can we do church this way?

    What was your thought?

  3. Mark (Mark D?) : yes, exactly was my thought

    the author may not be completely aware of, or be addressing, the broader category of postmodernism.

    When i say he may be right for the wrong reason...could it be that what we usually mean by postmodernism is here for quite a stay...the church is still living in modernity etc...might it be said that in some limited senses it is morphing
    into something post-postmodern, if you will..

  4. AJ:
    i am more confused than you, that is my secret



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