Saturday, November 13, 2010

What if Torah/ מלכות השמים, is more "journey" than "doctrine"?

 As a fan of   both

  •  Hebrew roots/worldview studies


I found this documentary interesting..

(and besides, I can't wait to read Rabbi Adam's "Oy!" comments/arguments):

"A History of Hebrew Part 13: The Culture and Language Connection"  (full text here, excerpt and video below):

"While the Jewish people continued to use the Hebrew language from then until now, it was relegated to their religious lives alone and the language of the people around them, quite often this was Greek, was adopted as the language for everyday use. At this point, Greek becomes the influential language in their life and their perspectives of words and ideas are now determined by this dominant language. ...
Torah in the original Ancient Hebrew language meant a Journey, but in the modern Hebrew language it is a Doctrine. The word Kohen meant a base of the Community, and now a Religious Priest.."

I also read someone recently suggesting that "Kingdom" was a Hebrew concept,
but "church" a Greek/Roman one...unfortunately the latter became equated with the former.,
doctrine, not journey..

(See also "Think Hebrew")

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