Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The TNIV is Dead. Long Live the New NIV

I am relieved and thrilled.
The news is surprisingly good.
And  I am thankful for St. Paul Wilkinson's post yesterday  which tipped me off to the news.

 The new NIV  is now avaiable on Bible Gateway.  Official print release next year.

I was a little fearful.
If you know any of the craziness around the late great TNIV being banned, you might have been, too.
One had every right to wonder how the promised New NIV would turn out.

Glenn Paauw, Bible publisher at Biblica, was right (see his comment to me here):

It appears to rock.

Can't wait to see the new "Books of the Bible" with this translation.

The new NIV even fixes a few things the TNIV didn't:
 ("sarx"/ σάρξ translated  "flesh"..about time!  Crucial for Galatians 5).

..and a few things it didn't do well
 ("saints" is now "holy people," not "believers" or "God's people".  Awesome!).

Paul has linked so many stories, details and  interviews about this, I will just to link to him, with thanks:

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