Monday, November 29, 2010

Cultural Intelligence and Centered Sets

I bought the book at a Christian bookstore...and had no idea what huge influence this seminary prof (That he is one is not even mentioned on his website) has in  "secular" leadership and business circles.  And not in a cheap and cheesy CEO kind of way, or as in sneaky stealth evangelism.  He's all about culture, cross0cultural sensitivity...and "C.I." (Cultural Intelligence).

I am in favor of that.  We need more of that than we do culture wars.


No wonder the book was on the discount rack at the Christian bookstore(:

Great book:"Cultural Intelligence: Improving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World" by David Livermore (a seminary prof and a "cultural communicator", his website here)

 First several pages a  free read here,  and amazon has a few more pages, including the self-assessment at the end), but the real gift of the book is Part 3: great chapters on church, culture  and attribution theory.... and (finally someone has done it!) a whole chapter on bounded and centered sets, which he calls "logic sets"..Yes, he draws from Paul Hiebert.

Of course he has written on the same topic (cultural intelligence) for a general market leadership audience: "Leading with Cultural Intelligence",  (as well as in a Forbes article, etc.

Videos for general audience below:

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