Wednesday, November 16, 2011

synesthesia en epanol

I am  just starting to look at the fascinating connection between synesthesia and language (particularly Spanish) /Sapir-Whorf.

Here's what i found:
Hi. My name is Ivan Diaz. I am in the U.S. ARMY stationed in Kuwait. I know two languages, and i am learning Arabic, French, and Italian. I was studing with a fellow classmate, and I told her that I feel different when I speak in different languages. I also mentioned that I am starting to see letters in Arabic in different colors. I see the letter A in arabic as red. I also see the word we in purlpe. I also see the congegation of that word also in purple. I also told her that I can see and feel different when I speak Spanish than when I speak English. In English, I feel like I an in suit and tie and I am in an office. When I speak in Spanish, I feel like taking over the world. When someone from Puerto Rico speaks spanish to me, i feel like music is coming out and like we are going to dance. I was disapointed. I had thought everyone did the same thing that I did. I didn’t even know that I had this, if she wouldn’t have mention it. I would like to know more about this contition, if i have a condition. I want to know if there are like some side-affects, or if i have like less to live than other peolple.  LINK

Also found this:

What do Bilingual Synesthetes see? 


I do agree that testing bilingual and multilingual synaesthetes would be very interesting. How would their associations hold up under Whorfian scrutiny.
Take a person who is non-preferentially bilingual in both English and Russian.
The Russian Language makes an obligatory distinction between lighter blues ("goluboy") and darker blues ("siniy"). In contrast English does not. (doi:10.1073/pnas.0701644104)
Would they report Monday's as Blue in English and either "goluboy" or "siniy" in Russian? Or would they fail to report a synaesthesia when placed in a Russian context.
I have a feeling that bilingual people would be partially immunised against developing synaesthesia primarily due to conflicts like this. Maybe I'll do my phd on it....
Posted by: Adi Smith  link

I don't know if she ever started tht dissertation, but I just might pick it up

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