Sunday, November 27, 2011

UNCLEAN: centered sets, purity psychology, and missional failure

"Not the Religious Type" posted this video  by Richard Beck (blogger behind Experimental Theology)
 about his book Unclean: Meditations of Purity, Hospitality and Mortality , tying it to one of my

favorite topics, centered sets.

Book promo:
I desire mercy, not sacrifice. Echoing Hosea, Jesus defends his embrace of the unclean in the Gospel of Matthew, seeming to privilege the prophetic call to justice over the Levitical pursuit of purity. And yet, as missional faith communities are well aware, the tensions and conflicts between holiness and mercy are not so easily resolved. In an unprecedented fusion of psychological science and theological scholarship, Richard Beck describes the pernicious (and largely unnoticed) effects of the psychology of purity upon the life and mission of the postedchurch.

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