Friday, July 13, 2012

Kingdom of God is collectivity network, not aggregate at crosswalk

Kraybill,  "Upside Down Kingdom,":,
"The Kingdom of God is a collectivity--anetwork of persons....more than a series of
individualized email connections linkingthe King to each subject...[It] infuses theweb of relationships, binding King and citizens togeter" -Kraybill (p, 19 emphases mine)

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Kraybill further illustrates the point of community over self by discussing the distinction between an aggregate and a collectivity.[5] He illustrates an aggregate as a group of people who occupy a time and space together but lack any true community (i.e. people at a crosswalk). The key is that they do not influence each other. A collectivity, as Kraybill defines it, has an element of interdependence. These individuals “influence each other, formulate common goals, and together decide how to reach them.”[6] The Kingdom of God functions as a collectivity. The individual lays down his life for the good of the collective. For the church to bear witness to this Kingdom, the body of Christ must exercise this practice.  link

For classes, I have charted out 
aggregate vs collectivity this way,

 as "sets" (a la bounded, centered and fiuzzy)...

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