Friday, July 06, 2012

"We’ve seen rock’s future, and it's..."

It's worth noting when Rolling Stone says about a band.

"We’ve seen rock’s future, and it’s Welsh, blonde and has a drummer so badass he makes 

Keith Moon sound like your mom playing Rock Band.
(Ghost of Keith Moon, please don't haunt us)."

That's how I found out about The Joy Formidable.

Of course Rolling Stone also basically promised two other bands were in that league.
And just because most have never heard of them...

Rolling Stone was right about The 77s and Chagall Guevara (How's "Not since the Clash..." for a Rolling Stone review).

Give The Joy Formidable a chance.

For a subtle (:  ending to a Glastonbury Festival concert by this band, try  the last half of this clip:

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