Monday, February 25, 2013

Premarital sex in Song of Solomon?

Drawing from Song of Solomon, Russell Willingham, wrote a  great steamy article about steamy marital sex for a local Christian magazine, Salt Fresno  (March 2012,  pp, 42 issue, read it here as p. 42 or as a PDF here).

Russ is one of our best teachers on sex, a real prophetic sexpert.

I am sure he lost some fans, Facebook friends..and maybe even funding for the ministry he leads, just be publishing an honest article about all that
To paraphrase   my friend St.Blondie, "Sorry, Jesus."

I am sure the editors took some heat for the photo they chose to accompany the article.  Sorry,  Dot and Kim . Keep up the good work!

How one reads/views/pictures  Song of Solomon can split churches, seminaries..
...and  (ironically!!) marriages.
Is it an allegory about Christ and the believer, or is it about sex?  Or is it a fuzzy set?  That's a worthy pursuit.


One question we might be afraid to dive into is:
"is the couple in this book engaged and premarital, extramarital or marital sex?"

I saw that face.

Of course, the biblical norm is marital sex.
BUT can we at least look at how the book unfolds, and intends to do?
Read Song of Solomon (headsup: rated R, like much of the Bible) from scratch, and look for clues:
  • Are we intended to see the couple as  married?
  • If not, whatsup with that? 
 Maybe you read the book as being very intentionally about a courtship, marriage and honeymoon.
(If so, is there premarital oral sex..see this)

Before you do that, and before I link to some articles to stir your thinking,
have fun with these videos:

Links after the jump.

And as the final warm-up act, be sure to watch Mark Lowry's video below.
(It may help to know that is a spoof of the Amy Grant song "Baby, Baby"..and she took all kinds of flack for the music video to the song, as she was..acting Song of Solomon-ish with a guy who wasn't her husband!  By the way, Charlie Peacock wrote a controversial song on the same Grant album..He also dedicated a whole "Christian" album of his own to the theme of  marital  sex. 
Shhh, don't tell Jesus!)





  1. I was expecting a link to Tony Jones who recently seemed to suggest that Christians should celebrate premarital sex on his blog....

  2. Hey St. Bram! great to hear from you. In fact, you caught the post about one minute after I posted it...and before I edited it to include a couple links I had forgotten to add before i hit "publish"..of course, including that Jones piece. Good eye!

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