Sunday, February 03, 2013

Q:Church- "what the heck is it?" A: "an ekkollective mission, quest....thing."

As Bill Murray and Steve Martin once asked, "What the heck is that?"
..or something like that, see vintage video below:

We must keep asking that about "church"

I love showing 
 this "Council of Elrond" scene from "Lord of the Rings" to illustrate how tough it can be to describe ekklesia/church.  What is it?  It's a":

 I also love how Donald Kraybill talks about "collectivity""

"The Kingdom of God is a collectivity--anetwork of persons....more than a series ofindividualized email connections linkingt he King to each subject...[It] infuses theweb of relationships, binding King and citizens togeter" --Kraybill (p, 19 emphases mine)  see more context here

Peter Rollins, especially in "The Idolatry of Godm" settles on "collective" as the term of choice for talking about the church "thing."

I love our local ekklesi-thing..  But what the heck is it?  We have called it "third day" from the beginning, and it;s a great name (see this), but why don't we nickname ourselves (dba) as some combo of the above:  "The Ekkollective  [ekklesia +collective...and as a bonus, it sounds like "eclectic"]  Mission/Quest/Thing."  

How about just "Thing"?

(we already know who Thing One and Thing Two are...see this)

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