Monday, March 04, 2013

U2's song "Not as Yet": not yet?

Especially in light of the common U2 theme (maybe THE theme of  the 'No Line" album) of "Kingdom now and not yet"...

One could make the case that the whole message of "No Line on the Horizon" is:the Kingdom has come to earth, but not yet fully so yet....therefore, even though we can expect glorious experiences of God breaking through,it won't always feel like God's voice is taking the initiative...even though it does. If only we could more consistently tune into it. "Let me in the sound, God." link

 No Line On the Horizon,”  tends to reflect the dissonance most people feel about the state of our current world and what we deeply  know should be. As I listened, I got the sense that U2 would remind us, as NT Wright does in “Surprised By Hope,” that while this is earth and not yet heaven, there is hope – hope, that we can bring a bit more of heaven to earth, hope that starts with the here and now  but goes beyond.  link

I am wondering if anyone knows what happened to the song "Not as Yet," captured twice in the photos in the "No Line" book...even in the tracklist over Edge's head below.. Did it become./morph into something else (as with the first song on the list below: "I Was Lost" surely became "Unknown Caller"), or is it still in the running?  It doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else in the potential lists of new album numbers.

Waiting for the new album reminds me of the scene in The Matrix where Neo is ushered into the Oracle's waiting room, and as told "There are the other potentials" [candidates for being The One/Messiah].  He loook around, and they are mostly children.  As are songs like this...some never grow up, and sometimes (unfortunately)  they get chosen before they grow up...OR get far too polished and "grown up" (the raw, younger versions were superior)....sigh

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