Sunday, March 03, 2013

Shakespeare, N.T. Wright and Pink Floyd on bounded/cemtered sets

First, the Shakespeare connection, from the delightfully titled "The Joy of Being Wrong":

Its emphasis on the supernatural is not to the detriment of, but to the empowering of, real, reasonable, discussable, mutable human action....mine is manifestly an understanding that is more congenial to small comparatively powerless groups than to the webs of power which enmesh themselves in planning, the victimary mimetic lies of economic theory, and all the chatter of 'who's in and who's out' (Shakespeare, King Lear, Act V.3, 1.15) -"The Joy of Being Wrong: Original Sin Through Easter Eyes,"  p. 320  (emphasis mine)

Then...N.T. Wright by way of Rich Nathan below. ( Much of this is available here on Google Books here, but a soften, random pages are missing):

All this is....thirdly... soundtracked by Pink Floyd's "Us and Them" (and maybe U2's "No them, only us" version of "One"...see

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