Tuesday, August 20, 2013

on meeting/stalking Paul Newman, Keith Richards, Taylor Swift...and myself

As you can see by the photos, Keith Richards and Taylor Swift are two of the celebrities I have met, and asked for a photo with.

Truth be told, I do not bother celebrities in public.

Ever since 'met' Paul Newman (that story in the video and told in this article)...and (almost) bumped into Chester Thompson in the men's room at a church..

                           .....I have thought about our whole celebrity culture.

I didn't bother Chester...he was, uh, busy.

Check out this  link from Jon Acuff, from "Stuff Christians Like":

Running into famous Christians. (AKA, the “Michael W. Smith Incident.”)

Bono always says "celebrity is currency,"  I'd like to think I'd be as wise as Matt, who left Bono and family alone at Disneyland (see Buzz Outdraws Bono at Disneyland.I'd hate to "spend" or "cheapen" his reserve of currency..

I once wrote:
on not stalking celebrities (Steve Martin or others)..for the sake of their soul.. and mine


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