Monday, March 07, 2011

"Google Search Stories"

Google Search Stories ( ) is a fascinating and potentially educational feature.
There, you can quickly make YouTube videos that show Google (or Google Image) returns for whatever series of search terms you punch in.

This one below, for example, illustrates the science of Googling yourself (confess you have done it).
Because I used my birth name of "David" in the first search, Google had no idea I was looking fior me.
Then by changing the search to "Dave," watch what happens, let alone when keywords are used strategically.
Googling is a science (see The Art & Science of GooglingControlling Your Google Results: The Art and Science of the Personal Press Release,   Google Search Basics and  Google Advanced Search Tips.  Also: "Why Google Wants You to Google Yourself - TIME")


Here's an image search for words like "church," "pastor" sermon":

You can preview other people's videos..on important theological topics like "how to impress a French girl" here

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