Sunday, May 22, 2011

only the Edge gets raptured..

With a song like "Until The End of The World" played last night on May 21 (and Mark and Hosh were there..not jealous!) the supposed end of the world, I thought Bono might say something.  He did..and thanks to Beth, who posted this video with this comment: "U2 dedicated UTEOTW to Harold Camping last night. It's really rather poignant. Bono jokes that only Edge would be "taken up in the air," then gives a corrective ALREADY realized eschatology, and then delivers the loudest NOT YET balancing one I've ever heard. Thanks, U2, for reading the whole Bible with your whole brains and your whole bodies."  -U2Sermons, link

See the 00- :25 mark and then  3:03ff for the parts she noted:


  1. It was an incredible night. Bono seemed extremely nostalgic. He was thanking people left and right, from past a present. A very special night and God was indeed in the house.

  2. What an amazing evening. All night I kept thinking about what we've learned from this blog about U2 impacting/healing a city.

    Lord, redeem Denver!

  3. Mark and Josh,wow, it sounds like an amazing night.

    I am looking at Oakland in couple weeks..cannot imagine how amazing it would be to go with you two


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