Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Before posting "I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my ass," be sure you are not logged into your wife's facebook

It started rather innocently and hysterically when Tarzan Tom mcCann posted a funny status for  a lark.. thinking he was logged onto his Facebook, but was logged into his wife's account.  Suffice to say it got our attention when we  (and she!!) read in our feed this message under her name: "I'm thinking of getting a  tattoo on my ass"


Well, some in our tribe  have long teased Tarzan Tom about doing it,  and many have suggested that in keeping with Tom's calling and reputation for creative missional tattos...see this one:
click for story

...that his inevitable tattoo on his hindquaters would have to be a pic of Jesus..

...but now I see (and you can see by the photo here...even if it is TMI...) that someone  (is it you, Tom?) has actually done it!

BTW, Tarzan Tom  is amazing, and has even lived past the expiration date  the docs gave him.. So glad it was a false prophecy!   Keep praying.  And to see Tom in action in Peru, preaching about his tatts across from a brothel, here's the video.  To read my favorite  Peru story about Tom, see "Not only was that turbulence not normal, it was 100 times worse than I knew was possible.."

BTW, there is a rumor that another of our guitar players indeed has a tattoo in that same sacred place, but anyone checking his Facebook profile  (click here, not safe for church)finds adequate evidence this is not the case.

Thanks to Hottie ("Jesus and the Beast, Part One: TATTOO")for the tip on this tatoo.  It appeared  at this website: Bible Support for Tattoos.


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