Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mark DeRaud on how to be still and prophesy without barking like a dog

In this video, Mark DeRaud suggests that to be a good artists (or even believers...which may be the same thing), we need to practice stillness and mindfulness (as opposed to manic manifestations) and then we will  receive wisdom from God...and as a by-product,
1) we won't "screw up"
2) we will accidentally/incidentally be used prophetically in someone else's life (without having to drum up emotionalism or crank up the volume..or "bark like a dog or fall on the floor").

The interview is part of a series I made for a class at a Latin American Bible Institute, a Pentecostal/Assemblies of God-related school I teach for.  Part of the calling of the school is to keep faith with their history, but integrate and balance (without compromise) those Pentecostal emphases with solid scholarship and context.  They employ, at their local satellite, folk like me and several Mennonite-Brethren profs (who may or may not be  charismatic/Pentecostal, but honor that stream, and are not cessationist).

So even though Mark was clear  that he honors the Pentecostal gifts, and is at heart a Pentecostal in many ways, you aren't surprised to see at the end of this clip, a couple  (both pastors in the Pentecostal stream) at the next booth interrupts us to challenge what they overheard as Pentecostal-bashing (or maybe they heard the positive comments about Eastern Orthodoxy..(:).

We wisely stopped the webcam (They didn't even realize we were recording, they just heard the conversation and couldn't NOT intervene (:...)

And it all turned out well. No blood was spilled, and a great conversation occurred off-camera..and we picked up the webcam again here with a laugh, and thanksgiving for our new friends.

Anyhow, great dots Mark connected on receiving experiential wisdom from God via a mindfulness and stillness that is completely consistent, in fact central to, a historic, holistic Pentecostal worldview..

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